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Thanks for your contribution to our program. The knowledge you demonstrated and your ability to communicate the subject matter added great value to our training and response abilities.
Michael E. Lyden
Vice President,
Storage and Transport
The Chlorine Institute, Inc.

Quality Training

Hazardous Materials Training Malaysia

To actually save lives and protect the environment, the training provided to emergency response personnel must be effective. The students must be exposed to the information, retain it, and know how to use it effectively. To accomplish this, our training is comprised of half classroom presentations and half hands-on practical experience. Areas of expertise include:

Classroom instruction is enhanced with the use of Apple's iPad technology. Each student is issued an iPad for the duration of their training and which enhances their information access. They complete their entire course on the iPads and have access to dozens of training videos and hundreds of handouts and other related references. We also create customized training materials that include dynamic presentations, manuals, and handouts.

Meeting Your Needs

Onsite Hazardous Materials Training by Burress Advisory Group

We tailor our classes to address your specific training goals. We are eager to discuss your needs and how we can customize our classes to meet them.